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Pune to UK Courier Service

Starting from INR 650/- Unique Express offers Pune to UK Courier Service at affordable rates. Our Pune to UK courier delivery service is economical and combined with 24/7 customer support, insurance coverage, doorstep service, and more.

We are known as India's most trusted international courier service that provides reliable and trustworthy courier service. We offer a smooth and seamless shipping experience and make sure that your package reaches its destination safely and on time. We take proper care of your parcel during transit to ensure that it arrives at its intended location in perfect condition.

Send Parcel to UK from Pune

Sending a parcel to the UK can be a challenging task, especially for first-time senders due to the shipping process, courier charges, and security. However, Unique Express offers reliable and stress-free courier service with customer care, documentation support, and doorstep courier service. It makes sending a parcel to the UK convenient for you.

Unique Express is providing a trustworthy shipping service since 2007 and is known as the best courier service in India. Whether you are looking to send gifts, food items, clothing, documents, or business shipments, Unique Express is ideal for you. We provide a variety of shipping solutions to meet your shipping needs.


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Why Choose Unique Express to Send Parcel from Pune to UK

Reliable Courier Service

Reliable Courier Service

We are known as a reliable courier service due to our low cost, secure and on-time delivery. We strive to fulfill customer requirements by providing doorstep service, free parking, online tracking, and more.

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-Door Service

Our door-to-door service is an ideal choice for those looking for hassle-free shipping service from Pune to UK . With this service, you can schedule a pickup at your suitable time and location. One of the team members will collect your packages right from your doorstep and delivers them safely to their destination address.

Courier Insurance

Courier Insurance

We provide insurance coverage to protect your parcel in case of loss or damage during transit. Our courier insurance offers a full refund for both the courier charges and the item value, up to a certain limit.

Customer Care Support

Customer Care Support

We offer excellent customer care support to our customers. Our customer support team is 24/7 available to assist you with your queries or concerns regarding shipping. We provide timely updates on the status of your shipment and ensure that you have a worry-free shipping experience.

Online Tracking

Online Tracking

You can track your shipment 24/7 with our online tracking. From dispatch to delivery we provide updates on your shipment through mail and SMS.

Free Pickup and Packaging

Free Pickup and Packaging

We don't charge additional fees for the pickup and delivery of parcels. As we focus on customer satisfaction, we provide transparent shipping service without any hidden charges

Expert Documentation Support

Free Packing Service

We don't charge additional fees for the pickup and delivery of parcels. As we focus on customer satisfaction, we provide transparent shipping service without any hidden charges.

Discounts and Special Offers

Expert Documentation Support

We provide documentation support to make the shipping process stress-free for you. We have a dedicated team of experts that handles the documentation process to save you time and effort. We make accurate documentation to prevent issues during shipping. Contact us to get more information on document requirements for sending a parcel to UK.

Shipping Cost from Pune to UK

We are committed to providing trustworthy service without any hidden charges. Our Pune to UK courier charges are reasonably priced that start from INR 650/-. We offer packaging, insurance, doorstep pickup, and delivery at affordable rates. The receiver is responsible for paying customs duties, taxes, or charges applicable in the United States.
Please note that if any customs duties, taxes, or charges are imposed by the Dubai government, a receiver must pay them.

Helpful insights for sending Courier from Pune to UK

What is allowed for Courier to UK?

It's important to know what items are allowed before sending precious gifts to your loved ones in the UAE. A list of items that you are allowed to send is:

Books, Clothes, Documents, Homemade Food, Groceries, and medicines, etc.

Apart from the above items, you are allowed to send various items to the UK. Contact our customer support team to get more information on what is allowed to send to UK.

What is prohibited in Courier to UK?

Having knowledge of courier regulations can ensure timely delivery. It also prevents the courier from being seized by officials in cases where banned items are sent to the UK. A list of prohibited items for shipping from Pune to UK includes weapons, compressed gases, rough diamonds, endangered animals & plants, etc.

To avoid any potential issues with prohibited items, Get in touch with us before booking and sending your shipment.

Cheapest Parcel Service from Pune to UK

Save up to 10% on shipping charges when sending a courier to UK with Unique Express. We provide door-to-door pickup and delivery for your parcel from Pune to UK . Based in Pune, we have built a strong network in India and 250+ counties across the world. This network ensures smooth Pune to UK parcel delivery.

Our Pan-India service provides pickup from your home or office in India. This service also delivers the packages to the receiver's address in the UK. Our cheap curier service from Pune to UK delivers your items on time and in perfect condition. You can also check the courier delivery status at our online tracking.

Estimated Arrival Time

Our international shipping service delivers parcels from Mumbai and Pune to Uk in 4 to 6 days. It may take an additional 2 to 3 days for delivery if the packages are outside Mumbai and Pune. These estimated times are calculated as per deliveries between major cities and may change from service to service.

Please note that:
  • The estimated delivery schedule may vary due to local festivities, adverse climate conditions, and potential holdups during the customs inspection process.
  • Shipping to a remote area may entail a slight increase in delivery duration.
  • The delivery time is calculated in working days, i.e. from Monday to Saturday.

Guidelines on Packaging for Pune to UK Courier

When preparing your parcels for International Shipping, it is important to adhere to some fundamental yet essential guidelines such as:

  • Use a good quality sturdy cardboard box.
  • Pack your items carefully, and measure the accurate weight and size of each box.
  • Make a list of all the items you are packing to speed up the customs clearance process.
  • Make sure to attach the labels correctly on the box.

FAQs About Sending a Parcel to UK

You can use Unique Express's international courier service to send parcel from Pune to UK . You can contact our customer support team to book your shipment. We provide various shipping options and guidance on customs clearance, packaging requirements, and restricted/prohibited items.

Starting from INR 650/-, Unique Express offer international shipping to send parcel to UK from Pune . Our Pune to UK courier charges are economical with 24*7 customer support, and documentation to offer a smooth shipping experience.

You can choose Unique Express to send multiple food item parcels from India to the UK. We make sure that the food items are packed securely and labeled correctly as per shipping regulations. Contact us to know the UK customs regulations and restrictions for food items and provide any necessary additional documentation.

Unique Express takes 4 to 6 working days to deliver your package to UK from Pune . The delivery may take an extra 2 to 3 days if the parcels are outside Mumbai and Pune.

Unique Express provides cheap courier rates for sending a parcel to UK. You can enjoy ultimate customer support for hassle-free shipping from India to the UK at the best price rates.

Unique Express provides door-to-door pickup and delivery to help customers streamline logistics management. This helps reduce costs, minimises the risk of product damage or loss, and allows customers to focus on their core business.

Unique Express is one of the best international courier services in Pune. Our courier delivery network has many delivery centres all over Pune that offer shipping services to fulfill your shipping needs.

Unique Express offers fast and reliable courier services from Pune to UK . They offer various shipping options and make sure that your package arrives at its destination quickly and securely. Contact our customer service team to discuss your specific shipping requirements and choose the best option for your needs.

Unique Express is one of the best international courier service providers in India. We offer the best range of shipping solutions such as same day, next day, and express delivery services.

Yes, you can get free pickup and the packaging at Unique Express. We pack your items as per international shipping standards by using best quality.