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Pune to Singapore Courier Service

At Unique Express, we offer Pune to Singapore courier service only at INR 415/-. You can rest assured when shipping with us. We follow all the safety protocols and ensure the secure delivery of your courier to Singapore on estimated times. Get in touch with us or mail us to know more about international courier services.

International Courier Service to Singapore from Pune

Are you looking for an international courier service in Pune for sending your business shipments or parcels to Singapore? You can count on Unique Express, offering reliable shipping services at the best rates in the market. We make the process of sending a courier to Singapore from Pune hassle-free with streamlined processes, and documentation support.

Unique Express is a trusted and reliable international courier company in Pune. We offer convenient pickup from anywhere in India, ensuring your parcel is well-packaged for secure delivery. With our automated online tracking system, you can easily monitor your shipment's progress.

Enjoy significant savings with our 10-20% discounted courier charges compared to top carriers. Our dedicated customer support is here to assist you from booking to delivery. In case of loss, we provide a full refund of your money and shipment value.

Sending your parcel is now easier with Unique Express. Book with us today and experience a seamless journey.


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Why Choose Unique Express to Send Parcel from Pune to Singapore

With 15 years of success in the courier industry, Unique Express is known as an affordable, and reliable international courier service. We have partnered with renowned freight forwarders and shipping agents for secure and efficient delivery. Our door-to-door services cover free pickup from anywhere in India and delivery to destinations worldwide.

We prioritize exceptional customer support, with dedicated executives working to provide a hassle-free experience for our valued customers. Trust Unique Express for your courier needs and enjoy a seamless journey.

Reliable Courier Service

Reliable Courier Service

Experience our reliable services with the best prices in the market. We prioritize your shipping needs and ensure 100% client satisfaction. Start with us today and enjoy a seamless courier experience.

Worldwide Network

Worldwide Network

Our strong global network is the result of strategic partnerships with reliable freight forwarders and shipping agents. This network grants us worldwide access, ensuring the secure delivery of your parcels to any destination. With coverage in 195 countries, we are the go-to choice for seamless and hassle-free international courier services.

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-Door Service

Place an order for courier pickup from the comfort of your home and leave the rest to us. Our friendly staff will come right to your doorstep to pick up your parcel. We ensure the safe delivery of couriers to your desired destination.

Courier Insurance

Courier Insurance

In the unfortunate event of your parcel getting lost, Unique Express guarantees a full refund of your courier charges. We also provide compensation of up to INR 15,000/- (or the declared value), whichever is less.

Customer Care Support

Customer Care Support

From start to finish, we are committed to providing excellent customer service. This ensures a seamless experience from the moment we pick up your parcels until it reaches the intended recipient. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or concerns. We will make sure you get the support you need during the process.

Online Tracking

Online Tracking

Easily track your parcel online anytime, anywhere with our 24/7 online tracking system. You can stay updated with a real-time tracking facility from dispatch to delivery. It ensures you peace of mind throughout the entire shipping process.

Free Pickup and Packaging

Free Pickup and Packaging

We believe in transparent pricing. There are no additional charges for pickup and packaging. You only pay an all-inclusive fee. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and make you happy!

Expert Documentation Support

Expert Documentation Support

Our dedicated team provides hassle-free documentation support, handling all the necessary paperwork to save you time and effort. We ensure precise documentation to avoid any shipping complications. For detailed information about the required documents for sending parcels to Singapore, please contact us at +91 8882887744.

Discounts and Special Offers

Discounts and Special Offers

Save big on your courier with our massive discounts and offers. Enjoy steep discounts of 10-20% compared to the rates offered by the world's top carriers.

Courier Charges from Pune to Saudi Arabia

Unique Express is committed to transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Our Pune to Saudi Arabia courier charges are affordable with free pickup and packaging, insurance, and door-to-door delivery. Our services are tailored to ensure a reliable and hassle-free experience for our customers. Please note that any customs duties, taxes, or charges incurred in Saudi Arabia are the responsibility of the receiver to pay.
Please note that if any customs duties, taxes, or charges are imposed by the Dubai government, a receiver must pay them.

Courier Charges to Singapore from Pune

Unique Express is dedicated to providing reliable service with no hidden costs. Our Pune to Singapore courier charges are affordable that include free pickup and packaging, insurance, and complete door-to-door service. Please note that any customs duties, taxes, or charges in Singapore are the responsibility of the receiver.

Helpful insights for sending Courier to Singapore from Pune

What is allowed to Send in Courier to Singapore

Books, clothes, homemade food, readymade food products, shoes, utensils, documents, and kitchen appliances can be sent to Singapore. Before sending your valuable items to Singapore, it's essential to be aware of the items that are allowed for shipping. However, there are many other items that can be sent as well.

For accurate information, it's best to check with Unique Express before sending your shipment. We're here to assist you!

What Items are Prohibited in Shipping to Singapore

Mineral products, dangerous goods, weapons, firecrackers, e-cigarettes, lighters, tobacco, and animal products are prohibited from shipping to Singapore. To avoid late delivery or potential seizure of your courier, it's important to be aware of the regulations. Check with Unique Express before booking and sending your shipment to Singapore to ensure you're not sending any prohibited items.

Cheapest Courier Service from Pune to Singapore

Get up to 10% savings on the standard shipping charges when sending a courier to Singapore from Pune with Unique Express. We provide convenient door-to-door service, collecting and delivering your courier from India to Singapore. With our extensive network covering over 220 countries, your courier will be delivered smoothly to Singapore.

With Pan-India service, we pick up your packages from your residence or business address in India. We offer the most affordable and fastest parcel delivery to Singapore from Pune. Stay updated on your shipment's progress with the provided tracking number.

Estimated Delivery Time

Book our international courier services and expect your parcel to be delivered within 2 to 6 working days. It may take a bit longer for remote delivery destinations to reach your shipment.

Please note that:
  • The estimated delivery times are based on shipments between major gateway cities and can vary depending on the chosen service.
  • We have a high success rate of on-time deliveries. However, these transit times may vary due to local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions, and customs delays.
  • Please keep in mind that all transit times are calculated on working days, which are Monday to Friday.

Guidelines on Packaging for Pune to Singapore Courier

Here are some simple and important instructions to follow when planning for international shipping:

  • Choose a sturdy cardboard box of good quality for packaging.
  • Pack your items carefully and accurately measure the weight and dimensions of the boxes.
  • Make a list of the contents inside the package to facilitate smooth customs clearance.
  • Affix the shipping label provided by Singapore onto the box.
By following these steps, you can ensure that your parcel is well-packaged and ready for shipping with Singapore.

FAQs on Sending International Courier to Singapore from Pune

Only at INR INR 415/-, You can send a parcel from Pune to Singapore with Unique Express. Our courier charges to Singapore are affordable with free packaging, doorstep pickup and delivery, insurance, and more.

Unique Express will provide tracking details once your parcel is sent out. You can track your courier on Unique Expre's official website through our online tracking system.

Customs charges can vary and are determined by the customs officer in control of your parcel. Unfortunately, there is currently no option to pay these charges from India.

With Unique Express, you can have the convenience of door-to-door service. The receiver does not need to go anywhere as the parcel will be delivered directly to their doorstep.

We deliver your packages from Pune to Singapore in 2 to 6 working days. If a delivery is in a remote location, it may take 2 to 3 additional days.

In the courier industry, we calculate the weight of your parcel using two methods. The first is the actual weight measured on a weighing machine. Secondly, the volumetric weight is calculated using the formula (Length x Width x Height {cms} / 5000). We charge based on the higher value between the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

After receiving your payment, we will dispatch your parcel on the same day if the payment is received before 4 pm. Otherwise, it will be dispatched on the next working day.

After receiving your payment, we will dispatch your parcel on the same day if the payment is received before 4 pm. Otherwise, it will be dispatched on the next working day.

You can fill out our inquiry form for our executives to contact you. Also, you can reach us at +91 8882887744 or email us at info@uniqueexpress.net.